Border Patrol Expands Efforts to Collect DNA Samples From Certain Illegal Immigrants

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U.S. Cus­toms and Bor­der Patrol is expand­ing nation­wide its efforts to col­lect DNA sam­ples from cer­tain ille­gal immi­grants sus­pect­ed of crimes and plans to com­plete the process by mon­th’s end, well ahead of its deadline.

“This aggres­sive time­line rep­re­sents a strong com­mit­ment by CBP to imple­ment col­lec­tion under this law, well ahead of the 3 years con­tem­plat­ed by the rule,” the agency said.

The DNA col­lec­tions were autho­rized by the DNA Fin­ger­print Act of 2005 passed by Con­gress in ear­ly 2006, which required CBP to gath­er DNA from indi­vid­u­als who are arrest­ed, fac­ing crim­i­nal charges or con­vict­ed, and from non‑U.S. indi­vid­u­als who are detained under fed­er­al authority.

The sam­ples are sup­posed to be added to the FBI data­base known as the Com­bined DNA Index Sys­tem or CODIS.
Under the Oba­ma administration, …


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