Mitch McConnell Thinks You’re Stupid – Is Fundraising Off of Trump’s Name

The Repub­li­can pond scum that inhab­its Wash­ing­ton, DC, espe­cial­ly the jel­ly-fish squirm­ing around the U.S. Sen­ate, gen­uine­ly believes most Amer­i­cans are gullible fools and can eas­i­ly be duped to give mon­ey to the very peo­ple who betrayed Don­ald Trump and the 75 mil­lion-plus who vot­ed for him.

Talk about Chutz­pah. The same crew that aban­doned Don­ald Trump on Jan­u­ary 6 is using his name to raise money.

I got the fol­low­ing in my inbox today–this is NOT from Don­ald Trump and the mon­ey does NOT go to Don­ald Trump…


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