Missile Defense Agency successfully tests new booster for homeland missile defense system

WASHINGTON — The Mis­sile Defense Agency suc­cess­ful­ly launched a mock-up of a kill vehi­cle with a new three-stage boost­er designed to enhance the per­for­mance of the inter­cep­tors that make up the Ground-Based Mid­course Defense Sys­tem in a Sept. 12 flight test, accord­ing to an agency statement.The GMD sys­tem is designed to pro­tect the home­land from inter­con­ti­nen­tal bal­lis­tic mis­siles from Iran and North Korea.The launch of the mock-up Exoat­mos­pher­ic Kill Vehi­cle, or EKV, was the first flight test of a three-stage boost­er oper­at­ing in two-stage mode “mean­ing the third stage was not ignit­ed, allow­ing ear­li­er release of the kill vehi­cle pro­vid­ing increased bat­tle­space,” the state­ment said.RELATEDThe EKV is the sec­tion of the Ground-Based Inter­cep­tor (GBI) designed to destroy tar­gets in high-speed col­li­sions after sep­a­rat­ing from …


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