Minneapolis police dept city low on officers amid crime surge

The Min­neapo­lis Police Depart­ment has request­ed near­ly $500,000 to help with the city’s crime surge amid a short­age of officers.

After the death of May 25 death of George Floyd in city police cus­tody sparked weeks of riots, the Min­neapo­lis City Coun­cil chose to solve the issue of police vio­lence by cut­ting $1 mil­lion from the depart­ment and real­lo­cate it to “vio­lence inter­preters” through the health depart­ment. The coun­cil also vot­ed to dis­man­tle the depart­ment and replace it with a com­mu­ni­ty-based pub­lic-safe­ty system.

Sev­er­al months lat­er, Police Chief Medaria Arradon­do has said vio­lent crime is up more than 20% com­pared to last year and 40% com­pared to two years ago. The police depart­ment is also pre­pared to under­go a pro­posed bud­get cut of about $12 million.


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