Mike Pence Just Issued Statement…The Fight is on!

Vice Pres­i­dent Mike Pence said he wel­comes efforts by law­mak­ers to chal­lenge Elec­toral Col­lege results in the upcom­ing con­gres­sion­al joint ses­sion on Jan. 6, when the votes are for­mal­ly count­ed, accord­ing to a state­ment sent by his chief of staff to reporters.

Vice Pres­i­dent Chief of Staff Marc Short issued the state­ment on Sat­ur­day say­ing that Pence, who will be pre­sid­ing over the Jan. 6 ses­sion as pres­i­dent of the sen­ate, is open to con­sid­er­ing planned objec­tions by Repub­li­can House mem­bers and sen­a­tors to Elec­toral Col­lege votes cast for Demo­c­ra­t­ic pres­i­den­tial nom­i­nee Joe Biden.

Short added that the vice pres­i­dent also wel­comes efforts by law­mak­ers to present evi­dence of elec­tion irreg­u­lar­i­ties and alleged vot­er fraud before Con­gress dur­ing that session.

“Vice Pres­i­dent Pence shares the con­cerns of mil­lions of Amer­i­cans about vot­er fraud and irreg­u­lar­i­ties in the last elec­tion,” Short said in the state­ment sent to media outlets.

This comes after a group of 11 Repub­li­can sen­a­tors announced their inten­tion to chal­lenge the elec­toral col­lege votes from con­test­ed states ear­li­er on Sat­ur­day. The group, led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R‑Texas), said the 2020 elec­tion “fea­tured unprece­dent­ed alle­ga­tions of vot­er fraud, vio­la­tions, and lax enforce­ment of elec­tion law, and oth­er vot­ing irregularities.”

The alle­ga­tions of fraud and irreg­u­lar­i­ties in the 2020 elec­tion “exceed any in our life­times,” they said, adding that this “deep dis­trust” of U.S. demo­c­ra­t­ic process­es “will not mag­i­cal­ly dis­ap­pear” and “should con­cern us all,” whether or not elect­ed offi­cials or jour­nal­ist believe the allegations.

“It pos­es an ongo­ing threat to the legit­i­ma­cy of any sub­se­quent admin­is­tra­tions,” the sen­a­tors wrote in their state­ment, while call­ing on Con­gress to appoint an elec­toral com­mis­sion to con­duct an emer­gency 10-day audit of the elec­tion results.


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