Mike Lindell Says AZ Audit is Key To The Plan

My Pil­low CEO Mike Lin­dell point­ed to the Ari­zona elec­tion audit as key to over­turn­ing Joe Biden’s ille­git­i­mate election.

“We’re going to get this to the Supreme Court,” Lin­dell told War Room, Tuesday.

But first, Lin­dell said the pub­lic must see the evi­dence of wide­spread elec­tion fraud and vote rig­ging for Biden that he is doc­u­ment­ing at FrankSpeech.com.

“This whole thing is a mar­ket­ing thing,” he said. “They’re peo­ple too, when they look at this in 5–6 weeks, then the whole case they have to look at it,” Lin­dell said of the nine Supreme Court justices.

Lin­dell said Ari­zona is key to get­ting the truth out.

“Then you have a smok­ing gun,” Lin­dell said.

Lin­dell said Ari­zona must get access to the routers the Board of Super­vi­sors is cur­rent­ly hid­ing from the Senate.

“They inject­ed votes in Ari­zona before the elec­tion even start­ed,” Lin­dell said. “This is going to prove that.”

Lin­dell said there is a very sim­ple rea­son Mari­co­pa coun­ty is refus­ing to turn over the routers.

“The routers are going to show exact­ly — it will con­firm that the attack where it came from,” he said. “It gets spe­cif­ic, right down to the IP addresses.

“That’s why they’re try­ing to stop us from get­ting the routers,” Lin­dell said. “They know where the infor­ma­tion is hidden.”


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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