Mike Lindell Responds To Dominion Lawsuit… Put up or shut up!

Mike Lin­dell is not the only per­son who received a threat­en­ing let­ter from Dominion—at least one GOP poll chal­lenger in Michi­gan (who nev­er even men­tioned Domin­ion in her affi­davit) received a threat­en­ing let­ter from Dominion.

Mike Lin­dell, a devout Chris­t­ian, is not wor­ried about a let­ter from Domin­ion lawyers threat­en­ing defama­tion. Like Pres­i­dent Trump, Lin­dell is a fight­er and is vow­ing to fight back, telling Axios that he’s look­ing for­ward to Dominion’s law­suit. “I want Domin­ion to put up their law­suit because we have 100% evi­dence that Chi­na and oth­er coun­tries used their machines to steal the election.”


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