Michigan leader says Detroit voting irregularities ‘reprehensible’ and lacking transparency

Aric Nes­bitt, the Repub­li­can leader of the Michi­gan GOP-led Sen­ate, is call­ing the actions of a Detroit vot­ing cen­ter ‘rep­re­hen­si­ble,’ say­ing that there were 3–1 Democ­rats to Repub­li­cans allowed to watch at the polls on Nov. 3 elec­tion night.

Nes­bit­t’s wife was at the cen­ter and observed what was going on dur­ing voting.

Nes­bitt said Thurs­day on “Just the News AM” that Detroit elec­tion work­ers were refus­ing to count bal­lots when Repub­li­cans were watch­ing but would count when only Democ­rats were present.


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