Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Said Her Adopted Son was ‘Devastated’ After Hearing ‘Merry Christmas’

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Michi­gan attor­ney gen­er­al Dana Nes­sel recent­ly post­ed a tweet indi­cat­ing that her adopt­ed son was so trig­gered after hear­ing “Mer­ry Christ­mas,” he near­ly broke out in tears.

“Let me begin by wish­ing you all a very Mer­ry Christ­mas. Remem­ber the word? Remem­ber we start­ed five years ago and I said “You’re going to be say­ing Christ­mas again,” and we say it proud­ly again although they’ll be try­ing to take that word again out of the vocab­u­lary. We’re not going to let them do that,” she wrote in her first since-delet­ed tweet.

Nes­sel made it clear that Pres­i­dent Trump’s sup­port of Christ­mas has trig­gered her great­ly, as this “empow­ered” LGBT leader is appar­ent­ly so weak-mind­ed that she is agi­tat­ed by the small­est of microaggressions.



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