Michael Moore Warns MAGA Fans: ‘A Lot Of You Are Going to Die’

Doc­u­men­tary film­mak­er and Don­ald Trump hater Michael Moore, has a dead­ly mes­sage for MAGA Nation, issu­ing a warn­ing to all those who have sup­port­ed our cur­rent pres­i­dent. He’s warn­ing those of the red wave that “a lot of you are going to die of COVID-19.”

Moore is cer­tain­ly not a doc­tor to be issu­ing such procla­ma­tions. Also,  while I don’t claim med­ical exper­tise, accord­ing to CDC infor­ma­tion on those who have a high­er rate of moral­i­ty from coro­n­avirus, Moore hits those a num­ber of those marks just from look­ing at him with obvi­ous con­di­tions such as obe­si­ty and age.

Moore should be more focused on his own safe­ty and mor­tal­i­ty than that of those he dis­agrees with, with his con­de­scend­ing con­cern. In a lengthy post on his Face­book account addressed to “MAGA Nation,” drip­ping with con­de­scen­sion dis­guised as mag­na­nim­i­ty, Moore made a plea to Trump sup­port­ers: “Don’t Die. Your love of and loy­al­ty to Trump isn’t worth your life. With 73 mil­lion of you refus­ing to wear a mask and to social dis­tance, there’ll be no way to erad­i­cate this dis­ease. And a lot of you are going to die in the next three months. Why do you want to infect your spouse, your par­ents and grand­par­ents, your children?”

News­busters reports:

It is astound­ing that Moore assumes that every sin­gle one of Trump’s 73 mil­lion vot­ers this year take zero steps to pre­vent the spread of COVID and that the virus only affects the red parts of the coun­try. Maybe he should be lec­tur­ing the oth­er side of the aisle with advice to wear a mask and social dis­tance because lead­ing Democ­rats don’t. Any­way, most COVID catch­ers will not die of it, as Alyssa Milano — and, well, sci­ence — can testify.

Moore con­tin­ued: “If al-Qae­da start­ed killing one Amer­i­can every 37 sec­onds, what would you want to do about that? Why are you doing NOTHING to stop this slaughter?”

He then made an emo­tion­al appeal for MAGA fans to think of their fam­i­lies: “What will it take for you and I to join, arm in arm, to kill Covid-19? The death of your moth­er? Your son? Where’s the exact line where you’ll say enough is enough?”

Moore then gen­er­ous­ly pro­claimed, “So today I am reach­ing my hand out to you, my neigh­bor, my fel­low Amer­i­can. I do so out of love and respect and the deep desire to see you live. Let’s agree to wear a mask. Let’s agree to keep our phys­i­cal distance.”

“I do so out of love and respect and the deep desire to see you live.” Yet, he had just accused Trump vot­ers of aid­ing the spread of the virus, want­i­ng to infect their fam­i­lies, and act­ing like heart­less beasts for “doing noth­ing to stop this slaughter.”

To show that he’s lov­ing the sin­ner but not the sin, Moore added, “And to be clear, for some of you, I tru­ly don’t love the racism and misog­y­ny and most of your polit­i­cal beliefs.”

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