Media play ‘telephone’ with Haitian immigration crisis

Members of the press are aghast after mounted U.S. border agents were recorded this weekend “whipping” Haitian asylum-seekers flooding into Del Rio, Texas.
The alleged incident even inspired angry denunciations from the White House.
The only problem is the story appears to be false. Border agents don’t appear to have “whipped” anyone, according to photos and videos taken at the border. Rather, the footage shows mounted border agents using their reins to coral the throngs of Haitian refugees swarming into Texas.
This “whipping” business is most likely the result of a “telephone”-style game between reporters in which one journalist alleged one thing, and then, several yards down the line, the resulting narrative is something far off from the initial claim.
On Sept. 19, the El Paso Times published a report claiming a Border Patrol agent shouted at a group of Haitians crossing from Mexico into the U.S., “Let’s …

















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