McDonald’s Has Secret Intelligence Unit To Spy

McDonald’s, the fast-food giant’s secre­tive intel­li­gence team spies its own work­ers’ activ­i­ties work­ing on a $15 wage movement.

McDonald’s Secre­tive Team Spies Workers
For a long time, McDonald’s has inter­nal­ly point­ed employ­ees work­ing with the Fight for $15 move­ment as a secu­ri­ty threat. McDonald’s also spies on its work­ers, accord­ing to Moth­er­board. McDonald’s says that this activ­i­ty is to find protests that could endan­ger crew and cus­tomer safety.

The fast-food giant’s secre­tive intel­li­gence unit has observed its own employ­ees’ activ­i­ties with the move­ment, which aims to raise the min­i­mum wage to $15 per hour, includ­ing by using social media mon­i­tor­ing tools. Two work­ers who had the direct infor­ma­tion of the mon­i­tor­ing leaked doc­u­ments that had sur­veil­lance strat­e­gy and tac­tics details.


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