Massive Nevada Fraud… 13,000+ new registrants without sex or birthday…

An analy­sis of Neva­da votes has uncov­ered an unprece­dent­ed jump in prob­lem vot­er reg­is­tra­tions, like­ly pro­vid­ing the Trump cam­paign with anoth­er avenue to chal­lenge Joe Biden’s vic­to­ry in the crit­i­cal state.

In an affi­davit filed in anoth­er Repub­li­can elec­tion chal­lenge, a “data sci­en­tist” found a huge surge of incom­plete vot­er reg­is­tra­tions and those giv­ing casi­nos and tem­po­rary RV parks as “their home or mail­ing address­es” in the Third Con­gres­sion­al Dis­trict that cov­ers the south­ern third of the state and much of Clark County.

The expert, Dorothy Mor­gan, said that in her ini­tial study of the records of those who vot­ed, there was an “his­tor­i­cal­ly strange” jump in vot­er reg­is­tra­tions miss­ing the sex and age of the vot­er, mak­ing con­fir­ma­tion by poll work­ers impossible.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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