Maricopa Country Busted In The Act Stealing Election Again

On Sunday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Arizona State Representative Travis Grantham received a mail-in ballot for his sister that lives in California, following repeated attempts to cancel the voter registration and notify Maricopa County of the change.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer responded to Grantham in a condescending manner, blaming the voters for Maricopa County’s pure incompetence.

A Maricopa County Resident shared 3 more potentially illegal ballots that she received. Arizona Senate President Karen Fann also noted that Maricopa County is blaming voters for their incompetence.

Just got 4 mail-in ballots for myself & each of my kids. One’s lived in CA for 10+ years and the other 2 are registered at their own addresses AND received a ballot there. I’d tell Stephen Richer he’s doing a f’d up job with MC voter registration, but he’s blocked me.

Fann: Didn’t Maricopa County say it was everyone else’s fault for not notifying them?


















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