Major News Network Now Using College Kids To Censor Media They Dislike

Cen­sor­ship soars to the next lev­el. So-called “fact-check­ers” were biased enough, but now USA Today wants to have “woke” indoc­tri­nat­ed col­lege kids, who have been fed a steady stream of left­ist pro­pa­gan­da on col­lege cam­pus­es by the edu­ca­tion­al elite, to call the shots and cen­sor free-think­ing Americans.

RIP First Amendment.

An alliance between Big Tech and left­ist papers to sup­press dis­sent is a deeply sin­is­ter thing. The amount of scorn required for this already trou­bling work to then be out­sourced to par­ti­san col­lege kids is incredible.

USA Today uses left-wing col­lege interns to cen­sor news media and opin­ion arti­cles they dis­agree with, work­ing hand in glove with unac­count­able social media giants to sup­press it. News­pa­pers earn a lot of mon­ey per­form­ing this task for Face­book and its relat­ed com­pa­nies, and are proud of the job they do to police pub­lic speech, even brag­ging about it pub­licly on social media platforms.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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