Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump’s sup­port­ers have swarmed the streets of Wash­ing­ton DC for a ‘Mil­lion MAGA March’ to sup­port his long­shot legal chal­lenges to over­turn Pres­i­dent-elect Joe Biden’s elec­tion victory.

Pro-Trump groups gath­ered in Free­dom Plaza at noon on Sat­ur­day, lis­ten­ing to speech­es before march­ing toward the Supreme Court. Left-wing activists also arrived to counter-protest and minor skir­mish­es of push­ing and shov­ing broke out, but police formed lines to sep­a­rate the two groups.

Ten­sions rose as the after­noon wore on, with spo­radic but heat­ed scream­ing match­es between par­tic­i­pants in the pro-Trump ral­ly and groups counter-pro­test­ers bear­ing signs sup­port­ing Black Lives Mat­ter and Antifa. Cops were quick to inter­vene, and there were no imme­di­ate reports of major vio­lence or injuries.

The pro-Trump crowd was esti­mat­ed in the tens of thou­sands, and as they marched through the heav­i­ly Demo­c­rat fed­er­al dis­trict, it raised fears of brawls between com­pet­ing groups.

At around 10.30am, Trump depart­ed the White House and his motor­cade drove past the gath­er­ing crowd of cheer­ing sup­port­ers as he head­ed to his golf club in Ster­ling, Virginia.

The motor­cade was greet­ed by applause, cheers, wav­ing and whis­tles from hun­dreds of Trump sup­port­ers lin­ing both sides of the street.

They punched the air, took pho­tos and held signs that includ­ed ‘Best prez ever’ and ‘Stop the steal’. The crowd also waved flags with mes­sages includ­ing ‘Trump 2020: Keep Amer­i­ca great’, ‘Trump 2020: No more bulls**t’, ‘All aboard the Trump train!’, ‘Women for Trump’ and ‘Trump 2020: Pro life, pro God, pro gun’.

Inside the armored pres­i­den­tial state car, Trump was spot­ted smil­ing, wav­ing and point­ing at his supporters.

Inside the armored presidential state car, Trump was spotted smiling, waving and pointing at his supporters

Trump cheer alongside the presidential motorcade at Freedom Plaza near the White House in Washington, DC

Trump's motorcade made a splash as it passed the crowd of cheering supporters on Saturday morning

Before the rally began, supporters of President Donald Trump cheered as his motorcade drives past

In addition to the Washington event, pro-Trump protests and counterprotests are planned in other major cities around the country

Trump supporters gather at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC in a MAGA Million March to show their support for Trump and protest against the Presidential election result which they claim to be fraudulent

Trump supporters hold "Stop the Steal" signs outside the Supreme Court during the 'Million MAGA March' after the 2020 US presidential election was called for Democratic candidate Joe Biden

Trump's supporters gather in Freedom Plaza during the Million MAGA March on Saturday in Washington DC

More than 93 percent of Washington DC's voters chose Biden in last week's election, suggesting that many of the participants had traveled to the capital for the event

Saturday's event appeared to be the largest Republican gathering in the capital since Trump's inauguration in 2017


Trump supporters punched the air, took photos and held signs that included 'Best prez ever' and 'Stop the steal'

Police formed a line to keep the two sides separate after a large group of counter-protesters gathered near the rally wearing black and carrying umbrellas, hallmark tactics of Antifa

The crowd cheers as Trump's motorcade passed by in a surprise visit early on during the Million MAGA March

Some Trump supporters ran excitedly after the motorcade. There were chants of 'USA! USA!' and 'We want Trump!'

Members of the far-right Proud Boys rally in support of Trump to protest against the results of the 2020 US election


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