Lou Dobbs: ‘Republican Party Is Watching Its Blood Drain Into The Streets Because They’re Gutless’

Trump-aligned Fox Busi­ness host Lou Dobbs yelled at Trump’s immi­gra­tion czar, Stephen Miller, because the White House was­n’t jump­ing on Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R‑Texas) offer to argue a Penn­syl­va­nia case before the Supreme Court, should the high court decide to hear the challenge.

Trump is “fight­ing all alone,” Dobbs told Miller. “And Ted Cruz has stepped up to say he’ll argue before the Supreme Court. Why on God’s green Earth would­n’t the White House jump on it?” Miller tried to argue that GOP state leg­is­la­tures should over­turn Biden’s vic­to­ries, but Dobbs cut him off. “No, no, Stephen. I’m not going to let you do this!” he said. “You and I, we’re rea­son­ably smart and decent fel­lows. Why don’t you answer me? That’s all I’m ask­ing here, Stephen. Why don’t you guys jump and salute Ted Cruz and say, ‘Yes, we want you on the team’ now? My God, this is not a time for internecine non­sense on the part of the Repub­li­can Par­ty, which is watch­ing its blood drain into the streets because they’re gutless!”


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