Lord Frost: Brexit Will Fail if Boris Pushes High-Taxes

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative government will put Brexit at risk if it pursues a European-style big government of high taxes, Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator has warned.

In a speech delivered before the Centre for Policy Studies think tank on Monday, Brexit negotiator Lord David Frost called for an open debate on Boris Johnson’s increasingly left-wing agenda, particularly on the issue of taxes, which are set to rise to a seventy year high under the supposedly Conservative government.

“I can’t share the views of those who think we can treat the private sector as just a convenient way of keeping the public sector running,” Lord Frost said in comments reported by The Telegraph.

“It isn’t just a source of taxes. Nor is it a bunch of people who will inevitably do bad things unless the Government keeps a very close eye on them. We can’t carry on as we were before and if, after Brexit, all we do is import the European social model, we will not succeed.”

The comments came just hours after Mr Johnson gave a speech of his own to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) in w …

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