Lockheed Martin Forecasts 40% Reduction In F‑35 Sustainment Costs Over Five Years

On September 13th the Pentagon’s F‑35 fighter Joint Program Office awarded prime contractor Lockheed Martin
its first multiyear contract to support operations of the F‑35 fighter.The contract, potentially worth $6.6 billion over the three-year period ending in 2023, covers maintenance, training, supply-chain management and fleet analytics for F‑35 airframes.
The company’s press release states that it expects to reduce its portion of the fighter’s cost per flight hour by 40% over the next five years, which would be consistent with a similar reduction over the previous five years (Lockheed contributes to my think tank). 

The F‑35, formerly known as the Joint Strike Fighter, is by far the Pentagon’s biggest weapons program—a multi-decade effort to replace most of the aging tactical aircraft …

















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