Lin Wood Responds With Receipts To Breitbart’s Brutal Sabotage Of Him

Right on the heels of Lin Wood’s pow­er­ful ral­ly speech in Geor­gia on Wednes­day, Bre­it­bart came after him with a full char­ac­ter assault. Inter­nal fight­ing and sab­o­tage is exact­ly what the left wants and needs to win in the peach state as the pow­er of the Sen­ate swings in the bal­ance. Our free­dom goes the way of this win that Wood is fight­ing for on his own time and dime.

Many for­mer Demo­c­rat donors are now Trump sup­port­ers. That’s not an indict­ment of char­ac­ter, it shows a per­son has a back­bone and brain and that Pres­i­dent Trump’s impact on our coun­try has caused many peo­ple to switch parties.

Wood respond­ed to this ambush amidst his authen­tic effort with the receipts…something that Bre­it­bart failed to pro­vide, or total­ly ignored, in their hit piece ques­tion­ing his intentions.

Authored by:
Aman­da Shea
Insta­gram: @AmandaSheaCO
Twit­ter: @TheAmandaShea


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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