Lawyers in Heated Clash Over Integrity of Election in Detroit

An attor­ney urged a judge Wednes­day to allow Detroit-area elec­tion offi­cials to cer­ti­fy the Nov. 3 results, say­ing any halt would empow­er the “right-wing fire” try­ing to cast doubt on the outcome.

A law­suit claims Repub­li­can chal­lengers were removed from the TCF Cen­ter in Detroit while absen­tee bal­lots were being processed. The court fil­ing also alleges that bal­lots were back­dat­ed, sig­na­tures on bal­lot envelopes weren’t ver­i­fied and oth­er irregularities.

Attor­ney David Kall­man wants a judge to order an audit of Detroit’s vote and sus­pend any cer­ti­fi­ca­tion of elec­tion results by Wayne Coun­ty until the work is done.

“There’s plen­ty of evi­dence in our affi­davits,” Kall­man told Judge Tim­o­thy Ken­ny, chief judge, Third Judi­cial Cir­cuit Court of Michigan.

The law­suit is one of at least four in Michi­gan that have attacked the vote-count­ing process in Detroit, a Demo­c­ra­t­ic city where Joe Biden eas­i­ly defeat­ed Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump. One of the law­suits is pend­ing in fed­er­al court.

An injunc­tion would sim­ply encour­age the “right-wing fire,” David Fink, a lawyer for Detroit, told the judge. “It pro­vides fuel to those who want to under­mine our democ­ra­cy by say­ing vot­ing isn’t fair, vot­ing isn’t hon­est. … This was a clear, clean, open and fair election.”


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