Latest Sign of Presidency Becoming Monarchy…

Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s nation­al vac­cine man­date sparked a lot of debate and set polit­i­cal seis­mome­ters jump­ing even more fran­ti­cal­ly than usu­al. Most com­men­tary has focused on two issues: Is forc­ing peo­ple to take vac­cines a good idea, and will the courts sign off on the gov­ern­men­t’s author­i­ty to do so? Those are great dis­cus­sions to have, though any­thing involv­ing “forc­ing peo­ple” should be a non-starter by default. But anoth­er impor­tant ques­tion is raised by the pres­i­den­t’s gam­bit to dis­place the Afghanistan fias­co from the head­lines: How, in the Unit­ed States, can one guy just impose his pre­ferred poli­cies, whether they’re good, bad, or indifferent?

To be fair, not every­body over­looked this point:

“There’s no author­i­ty for this,” for­mer Rep. Justin Amash (L‑Mich.) not­ed. “This is leg­isla­tive action that bypass­es the leg­isla­tive branch. If you care about rep­re­sen­ta­tive government—if you’re con­sis­tent regard­less of who’s president—then it does­n’t mat­ter that you like the pol­i­cy; this man­date is an abuse of power.”


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