The Latest Attack on Gov DeSantis By the Media is Especially Ridiculous

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Giv­en how spec­tac­u­lar­ly the medi­a’s inces­sant “Cuo­mo good, DeSan­tis bad” nar­ra­tive has crashed and burned, you might have actu­al­ly enter­tained the naive hope that the press would final­ly, sheep­ish­ly aban­don it – as if it nev­er real­ly hap­pened. You’d think that the humil­i­a­tion alone might be a pow­er­ful moti­va­tor for a course cor­rec­tion. Wrong. There’s evi­dent­ly a hard­core cadre of dead-enders who are so pos­i­tive­ly wed­ded to their pre­ferred par­ti­san sto­ry­line that no amount of inter­ven­ing data or out­comes can shake their com­mit­ment to it. It would almost be impres­sive if it weren’t so insult­ing and bizarre. The lat­est entry in …


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