Last B‑1B Bombers Retire Until B‑21 Comes Online — Air Force Magazine

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Air Force Global Strike Command has retired the last of 17 B‑1B bombers from its inventory, leaving a fleet of 45 aircraft that will serve until the new B‑21 stealth bomber is ready for duty, the command announced.

“The last aircraft departed Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., to fly to the boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz.,” on Sept. 23, an AFGSC spokesperson said. The divestiture supports the Air Force’s “efforts to modernize America’s bomber fleet” as authorized by Congress, he said. The plan was to accomplish the divestiture by the end of fiscal 2021, which ends next week.

The smaller fleet will allow the remaining aircraft to receive more attention, spare parts, and generally achieve a higher level of readiness, AFGSC’s …

















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