Lashana Lynch Claims Reaction To Being Cast In New James Bond Film Reminded Her Of Segregation, One Of Her Biggest Critics Was Trina Parks

Share this:Actress Lashana Lynch, who played Maria Ram­beau in Cap­tain Mar­vel and is set to play Nomi in the upcom­ing James Bond film, No Time To Die, recent­ly claimed that reac­tion to her being cast in the film remind­ed her of segregation.
Speak­ing with The Guardian to pro­mote the upcom­ing film, Lynch claimed the response to her cast­ing was gen­er­al­ly pos­i­tive. How­ev­er, she went to note that some mes­sages she received and con­ver­sa­tions she saw remind­ed her of segregation.
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That back­lash first came after a rumor not­ed that Lynch’s char­ac­ter would be tak­ing on the 007 moniker in the film. In July 2019, The Dai­ly Mail report­ed that Lynch …


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