L. Lin Wood enlists ‘Army of Patriots’ in battle to retain law license

Facing possible sanctions by the State Bar, attorney L. Lin Wood is calling on his supporters to investigate members of the Bar's disciplinary panel.

Atlanta attor­ney L. Lin Wood took to social media Sat­ur­day with a dra­mat­ic plea: “I need the help of We the People.”


Wood, famous first as a defama­tion lawyer and now as a pros­e­lyte of for­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump’s unfound­ed claims of elec­tion fraud, had just received a near­ly 1,700-page doc­u­ment from the State Bar of Geor­gia that threat­ened to end his 43-year legal career. In it, the Bar’s Dis­ci­pli­nary Board said it had ini­ti­at­ed a griev­ance against Wood over his con­duct in con­nec­tion with his attempts to over­turn the 2020 pres­i­den­tial election.


On the inter­net mes­sag­ing ser­vice Telegram, Wood enlist­ed an “Army of Patri­ots” to inves­ti­gate his accusers, to scru­ti­nize their social media posts, their polit­i­cal affil­i­a­tions, their con­nec­tions and clients — any­thing that would chal­lenge their “com­pe­tence, qual­i­fi­ca­tions or objectivity.”


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