“Kung Fu” Reboot To Feature a Feminist Hero and Social Justice Emphasis

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Putting the war­rior in social jus­tice war­rior, the reboot­ed ver­sion of the clas­sic TV series Kung Fu debuts Wednes­day on the teen-ori­ent­ed CW net­work. In place of the late David Car­ra­dine, the woke series fea­tures a fem­i­nist hero­ine and an over­ar­ch­ing empha­sis on “social justice.”
Show cre­ator Christi­na M. Kim said it was impor­tant to move away from Carradine’s white, male protagonist.
“In the orig­i­nal series, the lead char­ac­ter was not Asian,” Kim said dur­ing a recent press event, accord­ing to a report from Yahoo Enter­tain­ment. “For me, it was impor­tant that we change that, and for myself as …


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