Kim Jong Un Has Executed Citizens, Shut Down Capital to Stop COVID-19

Dic­ta­tor­ship is a slip­pery slope to the demise of any nation. Just look at North Korea…

The North Kore­an gov­ern­ment under leader Kim Jong Un has ordered the exe­cu­tion of at least two peo­ple, locked down the cap­i­tal of Pyongyang and imple­ment­ed oth­er mea­sures to slow the spread of COVID-19, accord­ing to South Kore­an law­mak­ers who were briefed by mem­bers of the country’s intel­li­gence agency.

Accord­ing to The Asso­ci­at­ed Press, law­mak­ers told reporters about the find­ings pre­sent­ed by the Nation­al Intel­li­gence Ser­vice (NIS) in a pri­vate briefing.

The law­mak­ers said that Kim is con­cerned about the eco­nom­ic impact the pan­dem­ic could pose, and has also ordered over­seas diplo­mats to not engage in any actions that could pro­voke the Unit­ed States amid the tran­si­tion to Pres­i­dent-elect Joe Biden

“We’ve been told that there have been orders to exer­cise utmost pru­dence in lan­guage,” law­mak­er Kim Byung-kee told reporters, accord­ing to NPR.

One of the law­mak­ers, Ha Tae-keung, quot­ed the NIS as say­ing Kim is dis­play­ing “exces­sive anger” and tak­ing “irra­tional mea­sures” over the pan­dem­ic and its eco­nom­ic impact, the AP reported.

The NIS informed South Kore­an offi­cials that those exe­cut­ed include a well-known mon­ey chang­er in Pyongyang. Kim report­ed­ly blamed the per­son for North Kore­a’s falling exchange rate.


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