Kayleigh McEnerny Does It Again…

“We’ve talked a lot about trans­fer of pow­er and the elec­tion. And it’s worth remem­ber­ing that this pres­i­dent was nev­er giv­en an order­ly tran­si­tion of pow­er,” McE­nany said. “His pres­i­den­cy was nev­er accept­ed. In fact, before the elec­tion his elec­tion we know Cross­fire Hur­ri­cane was launched by [for­mer FBI agent] Peter Str­zok to pur­sue base­less alle­ga­tions about the president’s ties with Russia.”

“And what hap­pened after he was elect­ed, you had 70 law­mak­ers say we’re not com­ing to his inau­gu­ra­tion. Demo­c­ra­t­ic law­mak­ers, you had [Mass­a­chu­setts Sen.] Eliz­a­beth War­ren, say­ing, we’re going to attempt to obstruct the Trump tran­si­tion by urg­ing the Gov­ern­ment Account­abil­i­ty Office to inves­ti­gate the incom­ing Trump tran­si­tion,” McE­nany said.

“Many sought to under­mine him, dis­cred­it him, dele­git­imize him and deny his vic­to­ry. There were no calls for uni­ty, there were no calls for heal­ing. So while every legal vote is count­ed, let us not for­get the inex­cus­able tran­si­tion, or lack there­of, that Pres­i­dent Trump had to endure in 2016, and for years into this pres­i­den­cy,” the press sec­re­tary said.


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