Karen Mask Freak Attacks Restaurant Owner For Not Wearing Face Covering

A woman screaming about how she had been vaccinated attacked a restaurant owner for not wearing a face mask while also spraying hand sanitizer at a female employee.
Yes, really.
The incident occurred at Market Broiler in Huntington Beach, California and a clip showing part of what happened was subsequently posted to Twitter.
During the confrontation, the intoxicated woman, who isn’t wearing a mask herself, demands to see an employee’s vaccination card and responds to her own lack of a face covering by screaming, “I’m vaccinated, bitch!”

For the record, I was not the person in the crowd who yelled, “I hope you end up on the HB forum” … but if I was the kind of person who drank at Market Broiler on a Monday night, I would have. pic.twitter.com/ieNFTgjnOF
— HB Community Forum Nonsense (@forum_hb) September 14, 2021

The Karen insists that the employee “doesn’ …

















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