Kadr – Russia’s New Nuclear Missile That Can Strike America

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Accord­ing to data from a 2017 Defense Intel­li­gence Agency (DIA) report, “Rus­sia retains about 1,200 nuclear war­heads for ICBMs.” While many of the plat­forms are decades old, dat­ing to the Sovi­et era, since 1998 Rus­sia has been mod­ern­iz­ing its Inter­con­ti­nen­tal Bal­lis­tic Mis­sile (ICBM) force, replac­ing lega­cy Sovi­et sys­tems with more mod­ern platforms.
Now it looks as if those efforts are con­tin­u­ing, and Tass report­ed that the devel­op­ment of Russia’s new-gen­er­a­tion Kedr ICBM will begin by late 2023 or ear­ly 2024.
“Research work on Kedr has been financed under the cur­rent state arms pro­cure­ment pro­gram, which is in effect until 2027,” a Russ­ian defense indus­try source …


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