Judge Blocks, Then Unblocks Georgia From Wiping or Resetting Election Machines

A fed­er­al judge pre­sid­ing over a major elec­tion law­suit in Geor­gia on Nov. 29 issued and then reversed an order direct­ing the state to cease and desist wip­ing or reset­ting elec­tion machines.

“Defen­dants are ordered to main­tain the sta­tus quo & are tem­porar­i­ly enjoined from wip­ing or reset­ting any vot­ing machines in the State of Geor­gia until fur­ther order of the court,” Judge Tim­o­thy Bat­ten wrote in an emer­gency order issued Nov. 29.

The judge reversed the order not long after, explain­ing that the defen­dants aren’t in pos­ses­sion of the machines.


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