Jenna Ellis — ‘We have plenty of time, the ultimate date is Jan 6, Not December 14’…

“Even jus­tice gins­burg in the elec­tion con­test in Bush V. Gore in 2000 rec­og­nized that the date of what she called ulti­mate sig­nif­i­cance is actu­al­ly Jan­u­ary 6th and that’s the date that con­gress actu­al­ly counts the votes of the del­e­gate so although we have the safe har­bor dead­line today and we also have the meet­ing of the elec­toral col­lege next week on decem­ber 14th.

The ulti­mate date of sig­nif­i­cance is jan­u­ary 6th and so I do think that our claims as well as the oth­ers like mike kel­ly and the oth­er enti­ties and orga­ni­za­tions that we’ve dis­cussed those claims can still be lit­i­gat­ed and con­tin­ue. So while we are on some tight con­sti­tu­tion­al dead­lines we still have plen­ty of time to make sure that this elec­tion and the out­come is free and fair for all americans”


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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