Jan 6 Defendant Had Enough Goes Off On Hateful Liberal Judge

A fed­er­al judge on Fri­day told off a Capi­tol riot defen­dant who refused to wear a mask dur­ing his hear­ing, telling the defen­dant “You don’t make the rules.”

The con­fronta­tion took place dur­ing a hear­ing for defen­dant Daniel Good­wyn, accord­ing The Wash­ing­ton Post. He plead­ed not guilty in April to five charges in con­nec­tion with the Jan. 6 riot.

Accord­ing to court records, pros­e­cu­tors were try­ing to revoke Goodwyn’s pre­tri­al release over his behav­ior, includ­ing repeat­ed­ly flout­ing orders to wear a mask.

Dur­ing Friday’s hear­ing, Goodwyn’s attor­ney, Daniel Hull, explained to Judge Reg­gie Wal­ton that Good­wyn had autism, which makes it hard­er for him to wear masks, the Post reported.

But when asked why he wouldn’t wear one, Good­wyn sim­ply said “it stress­es me out,” adding “I believe I would not cause some­one to die by not wear­ing a mask.”

Instead of lock­ing him up, Wal­ton decid­ed to order Good­wyn to wear a mask when­ev­er he meets with pre­tri­al ser­vices or appears in court, accord­ing to the newspaper.

But Wal­ton was clear: “If you can’t do that I’m going to have no alter­na­tive [but] to lock you up and keep you locked up until this case is resolved.”

“They don’t have to put their lives at risk, they don’t have to, and they will not,” Wal­ton con­tin­ued, refer­ring to court staff.

Good­wyn replied: “I under­stand [but] I’m not going to do that, sir.” He added that Texas doesn’t require masks indoors.

“I don’t care what the law in Texas is,” Wal­ton fired back. “You don’t make the rules. You will be arrested.”

When Good­wyn was arrest­ed at his parent’s home in Texas, the FBI learned that at least one per­son in the home believed they had COVID-19.

When agents placed a mask on his face, Good­wyn “attempt­ed to chew through the mask and spit the mask out,” pros­e­cu­tors wrote in a court filing.

Good­wyn was released to home con­fine­ment in Feb­ru­ary. But pros­e­cu­tors said he repeat­ed­ly refus­es to wear a mask, show up to meet­ings or report his location.


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