CNN’s Jake Tapper Touts MLB’s Georgia Departure, Defends CNN’s Atlanta HQ

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On Wednes­day, CNN’s Jake Tap­per report­ed on what has proven to be a con­tro­ver­sial deci­sion to move the MLB All-Star Game out of Geor­gia amidst the cur­rent boy­cott of the state over its new vot­ing laws, open­ing up his net­work up to Twit­ter users point­ing out the hypocrisy, Fox News report­s­The MLB had announced that it would be mov­ing its July Mid­sum­mer Clas­sic from Atlanta to Den­ver ear­ly this week, a deci­sion met with many point­ing out the poten­tial busi­ness loss­es of many minor­i­ty-owned busi­ness­es in Atlanta.Tapper report­ed Wednes­day that the MLB would have to take action in one …


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