It’s Time For Mass Civil Disobedience

Elect­ed state and local offi­cials issu­ing COVID-19 lock­down and stay-at-home orders are doing so not based on sci­ence or data, but on a grotesque under­stand­ing of their own author­i­ty and infal­li­bil­i­ty. In the face of a wors­en­ing pan­dem­ic, they want to be seen doing some­thing, tak­ing bold action to stop the spread of the virus—that is, so long as it doesn’t hurt cer­tain favored spe­cial interests.

That’s why Amer­i­cans liv­ing under arbi­trary and uncon­sti­tu­tion­al lock­down orders should sim­ply ignore them, en masse, as an act of civ­il disobedience.

How else are ordi­nary peo­ple to push back against the capri­cious rules of politi­cians like Los Ange­les May­or Eric Garcetti? On Novem­ber 25, the day before Thanks­giv­ing, Garcetti and coun­ty health offi­cials banned out­door din­ing at bars and restau­rants for three weeks. Because of the spread of the virus, they said, it’s just too dan­ger­ous, so we all have to do our part and make sacrifices.

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