Iran Says it Will Boost Oil Production if Biden Relaxes Crippling Sanctions

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Iran said it will increase the pro­duc­tion of oil to full capac­i­ty in the next three months if Pres­i­dent-elect Joe Biden relax­es sanc­tions when he takes office in Jan­u­ary, accord­ing to a report.President Has­san Rouhani was quot­ed in state media say­ing that before Pres­i­dent Trump exit­ed the Iran­ian nuclear deal in 2018 and reim­posed crip­pling sanc­tions, the Islam­ic Repub­lic had export­ed more than 2 mil­lion bar­rels a day, Reuters report­ed on Sunday.IRAN TO INCREASE NUCLEAR PRODUCTION, PROHIBIT INSPECTORS FROM US IF SANCTIONS NOT LIFTED: REPORTS“The Oil Min­istry will take all the nec­es­sary steps to pre­pare the oil industry’s facil­i­ties to pro­duce and sell – pro­por­tion­ate to the avail­able capac­i­ty – with­in the next three months,” the news ser­vice report­ed, cit­ing state-con­trolled news agency IRNA.Biden, who takes office on Jan. 20, …

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