Iran Likely Interfering In Scottish Politics In Order to Harm UK By Boosting Separatism

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The Islam­ic Repub­lic of Iran is “almost cer­tain­ly” inter­fer­ing in Scot­tish pol­i­tics in order to boost sep­a­ratism and harm the British Union, accord­ing to a new report.
The Hen­ry Jack­son Soci­ety alleges that the Islamist regime in Tehran wish­es to lend aid to the left-sep­a­ratist Scot­tish Nation­al Par­ty (SNP) in the upcom­ing elec­tions for the Scot­tish Par­lia­ment — rough­ly equiv­a­lent to a state leg­is­la­ture in the Unit­ed States — in order to “attack the con­sti­tu­tion­al integri­ty of the Unit­ed King­dom” and under­mine what it sees as a geopo­lit­i­cal rival.
“Iran has shown itself to be a coun­try which engages in Russ­ian-style disinformation …


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