After Successful Fourth Mars Flight, NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Shifts From Technology To Operations Demo

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WASHINGTON — With four flights now com­plete, NASA’s Inge­nu­ity Mars heli­copter will tran­si­tion from being strict­ly a tech­nol­o­gy demon­stra­tion to a test of its abil­i­ty to work in coop­er­a­tion with the Per­se­ver­ance rover.
Inge­nu­ity per­formed its fourth flight April 30, stay­ing aloft for 117 sec­onds. The heli­copter flew to an alti­tude of 5 meters, then went 133 meters down­range and back before land­ing. The flight set records for dura­tion in the air and dis­tance traveled.
The flight was sched­uled for April 29, but teleme­try returned lat­er that day showed that the heli­copter nev­er took off. Project engi­neers believe that a timer issue, sim­i­lar to one …


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