Illegal Alien Fell Off Trump’s Wall… Broke Both Ankles

To escape the lin­ger­ing, dev­as­tat­ing effects of two hur­ri­canes and the reach of orga­nized crime, Pedro Gomez fled Guatemala in Jan­u­ary and head­ed north, look­ing for hope.

Thou­sands of miles south, Jhon Jairo Ush­ca Alcoser, too, left his coun­try, Ecuador, flee­ing polit­i­cal unrest and the eco­nom­ic fall­out of a glob­al pan­dem­ic that’s rav­aged his nation.

Pastor Rosalio Sosa, who runs the Red de Albergues Para Migrantes, or RAM, a network of migrant shelters in Palomas in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, on Tuesday consoles Pedro Gomez, a migrant from Guatemala who has two broken ankles he says he got when he fell off of the border wall,


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