Ideological Alignment Pushing America Toward Totalitarianism

The for­ma­tion of a total­i­tar­i­an state is just about com­plete in Amer­i­ca as the most pow­er­ful pub­lic and pri­vate sec­tor actors uni­fy behind the idea that actions to stamp out dis­sent can be jus­ti­fied, accord­ing to sev­er­al experts on mod­ern total­i­tar­i­an ideologies.

While many have warned about the rise of fas­cism or social­ism in “the land of the free,” the ideas have large­ly been vague or frag­ment­ed, focus­ing on indi­vid­ual events or actors. Recent events, how­ev­er, indi­cate that seem­ing­ly uncon­nect­ed pieces of the oppres­sion puz­zle are fit­ting togeth­er to form a com­pre­hen­sive sys­tem, accord­ing to Michael Recten­wald, a retired lib­er­al arts pro­fes­sor at New York University.


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