HUGE! Fauci Finally Admits To It All…

The Rat-in-a-Trap Dr. Fau­ci final­ly admit­ted in his lat­est flip-flop that the COVID-19 virus may not have occurred naturally.

Fau­ci made the com­ments on far-left Poli­ti­fact chan­nel, an orga­ni­za­tion that itself has been push­ing fake news on the COVID cri­sis for over a year.

Poli­ti­fact hack: Sen. Rand Paul, who you have tan­gled with in the past, sug­gest­ed that you and the NIH fund­ed risky research that even­tu­al­ly down the line was con­nect­ed to COVID-19? I don’t want to dwell on this for too long but I do want to give you that chance to react to his com­ments today.

Dr. Fau­ci: That’s actu­al­ly pre­pos­ter­ous. To bring some­thing up is real­ly not help­ful. He was say­ing that we fund­ed a kind of research in Chi­na that could lead to dan­ger­ous research. That’s not the case. So what he was say­ing was absolute­ly not true. It is real­ly unfor­tu­nate that he brought that up. It real­ly does noth­ing but cloud the issue of what we are try­ing to do. So it was just unfor­tu­nate that he said that.

Poli­ti­fact hack: That has been the sub­ject for a lot of our fact-check­ing on the coro­n­avirus for the past year. There’s a lot of cloudi­ness around the ori­gins of COVID-19 still. So I want­ed to ask are you still con­fi­dent that COVID devel­oped naturally?

Dr. Fau­ci: No actu­al­ly, that’s the point that I said. And I think that the real unfor­tu­nate aspect of what Sen­a­tor Paul did was he was con­flat­ing research in a col­lab­o­ra­tive way with Chi­nese sci­en­tists which was — you’d almost have to say that if we did not do that then we’d be almost irre­spon­si­ble because SARS-COVI‑1 clear­ly orig­i­nat­ed in Chi­na… So we real­ly had to learn a whole lot about the virus­es that were there, about whether or not peo­ple were get­ting infect­ed with bad virus­es. So in a very minor col­lab­o­ra­tion as part of a sub-con­tract as part of a grant, we had a col­lab­o­ra­tion with some Chi­nese sci­en­tists. And what he con­flat­ed that was that we were involved in cre­at­ing the virus. Which is the most ridicu­lous majes­tic leap I’ve ever heard of.


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