HUGE: Fauci Busted In His Own Emails…Truth Is Out!

As ear­ly as 2018 US State Depart­ment offi­cials warned about safe­ty risks at the Wuhan Insti­tute of Virol­o­gy lab on sci­en­tists con­duct­ing risky tests with the bat coronavirus.

US offi­cials made sev­er­al trips to the Wuhan laboratory.

Despite the warn­ings, the US Nation­al Insti­tute of Health (NIH) under Dr. Antho­ny Fau­ci award­ed a $3.7 mil­lion grant to the Wuhan lab study­ing the bat virus. This was after State Depart­ment warned about the risky tests going on in the lab.

The dead­ly Chi­na coro­n­avirus that start­ed in Chi­na some­time in late 2019 has now cir­cled the globe. Evi­dence sug­gests that the coro­n­avirus didn’t come nat­u­ral­ly. We still don’t know whether the dead­ly virus was leaked inten­tion­al­ly or if it was an accident.

** And yet as recent­ly as Feb­ru­ary 9, 2021, the World Health Orga­ni­za­tion (WHO) has denied the coro­n­avirus leaked from a lab in Wuhan!

But a video has sur­faced from Decem­ber 2019 of WHO offi­cial Peter Daszak admit­ting to coro­n­avirus manip­u­la­tion at the Wuhan Lab before the pan­dem­ic was announced.

The video inter­view was orig­i­nal­ly filmed on Decem­ber 9, 2019. A copy was post­ed in May 2020.

As Dr. Lawrence Sell­in report­ed at The Gate­way Pun­dit back in July 2020 — Dr. Peter Daszak, Pres­i­dent of the Eco­Health Alliance and a long-time col­lab­o­ra­tor with the Wuhan Insti­tute of Virol­o­gy, pre­sum­ably was refer­ring to the Ralph Bar­ic- Zheng-Li Shi exper­i­ments, stat­ed “you can manip­u­late them in the lab pret­ty eas­i­ly” insert­ing a spike pro­tein “into a back­bone of anoth­er virus.”

And yet for over a year Dr. Antho­ny Fau­ci has vehe­ment­ly denied the Wuhan coro­n­avirus was man-made until last month when Dr. Fau­ci admit­ted it may have pos­si­bly been nat­u­ral­ly occurring.

On Tues­day emails from April 2020 were released via FOIA.

In one email from April 18, 2020, Dr. Peter Daszak thanked Dr. Fau­ci for insist­ing the COVID-19 virus was nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring — when both men knew this was a lie.

And now a sec­ond email sur­faced from the Fau­ci email dump that shows Dr. Fau­ci was told inlate Jan­u­ary 2020 that some of the fea­tures of the coro­n­avirus “look engineered.”
Dr. Fau­ci knew the truth.

And he lied about it for over year — maybe because he was fund­ing the projects — some­thing else he lied about.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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