Huge court win for Trump, could overturn Nevada result

In its first court vic­to­ry, a Neva­da judge has agreed to let the Trump cam­paign present its evi­dence that fraud and ille­gal­i­ties plagued the state’s elec­tion, enough to reverse Joe Biden’s win and set an exam­ple for oth­er state challenges.

Accord­ing to Trump offi­cials, the judge set a Dec. 3 hear­ing date and is allow­ing 15 depo­si­tions. What’s more, the cam­paign plans to present its evi­dence that could result in the rejec­tion of tens of thou­sands of mail-in bal­lots in Demo­c­ra­t­ic Clark Coun­ty where Biden bal­lots out­num­bered Trump bal­lots by 91,000 in unof­fi­cial results.

“BIG news in Neva­da: a Judge has allowed NV Repub­li­cans to present find­ings of wide­spread vot­er fraud in a Dec. 3rd hear­ing. Amer­i­cans will now hear evi­dence from those who saw first­hand what happened—a crit­i­cal step for trans­paren­cy and rem­e­dy­ing ille­gal bal­lots. Stay tuned,” White House chief of staff Mark Mead­ows tweeted.


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