Colombia’s Drug Cartels Nearly Purchased a Soviet Submarine

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In 2019, footage of a U.S. Coast Guard inter­dic­tion of a home­made drug smug­gling sub­ma­rine took the world by storm, and for good rea­son. As we watched one of the bad­dest dudes we’re ever apt to see any­where out­side of a movie pound­ing on the hatch of the most­ly sub­merged sub, many of us were shocked to learn that drug car­tels actu­al­ly have their own submarines. 

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What may sur­prise you more is that these ama­teur sub­marines were real­ly a con­so­la­tion prize for drug smug­glers out of Colom­bia. Their first choice? An actu­al Sovi­et Fox­trot-class sub­ma­rine. What’s …


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