How Ayn Rand stopped UK’s passport scheme…

Health sec­re­tary Sajid Javid announced yes­ter­day that the much-debat­ed plan to intro­duce vac­cine pass­ports for night­clubs and oth­er venues at the end of Sep­tem­ber was not going ahead.

Appear­ing on the Andrew Marr Show, Javid insist­ed that while the gov­ern­ment ‘was right to look at it’ and the plan would be kept ‘in reserve’ he was pleased to say the pass­ports would not be imple­ment­ed as pre­vi­ous­ly announced, adding that it was ‘a huge intru­sion into people’s lives’ and ‘most peo­ple instinc­tive­ly don’t like the idea’.

Javid is wide­ly known as a fan of Ayn Rand’s brand of rad­i­cal indi­vid­u­al­ism, report­ed­ly once telling Parliament’s Cross­bench Film Soci­ety that he wooed his future wife by read­ing her pas­sages from The Foun­tain­head. So per­haps we shouldn’t be sur­prised to find him resis­tant to imple­ment­ing as nation­al pol­i­cy a require­ment to show med­ical paper­work in order to do some­thing as every­day as going clubbing.


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