How a Nuclear Reactor Shut Down During Texas Cold Wave Just When Electricity Was Needed Most

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The shut­down of a nuclear reac­tor in Texas has con­tributed to the state’s pow­er short­age cri­sis caused by extreme cold weather.
One of two reac­tors shut down at the South Texas Nuclear Pow­er Sta­tion an hour south­west of Hous­ton, knock­ing out about half of its 2,700 megawatts of gen­er­at­ing capacity.
The plant, which is one of the new­er ones in the coun­try, nor­mal­ly pro­vides pow­er to more than 2 mil­lion Texas homes.
The sec­ond reac­tor at the plant, which is oper­at­ing as nor­mal, is cur­rent­ly pro­vid­ing more than 1,300 megawatts of electricity.
Texas has anoth­er two-unit nuclear facil­i­ty south­west of Dal­las, called the …


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