NY Dem Provides Evidence Cuomo Threatened Him

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Per­haps I’m too much of a cyn­ic these days, but count me among those who still can’t quite bring them­selves to believe that Gov. Andrew Cuo­mo is in seri­ous dan­ger or los­ing his job over his nurs­ing home deaths scan­dal and sub­se­quent cov­er-up.  My deeply-root­ed sus­pi­cion has been that he’ll some­how man­age to endure a red hot firestorm for a short peri­od of time, rely­ing on his trade­mark shame­less­ness, then strong-arm his way to his re-elec­tion fight.  In 2022, he’ll blitz his Repub­li­can chal­lenger mer­ci­less­ly and cling to pow­er in his deep blue state.  After months of the nurs­ing homes issue …


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