Holocaust Museum in Florida opens George Floyd exhibit

A Holo­caust muse­um in Flori­da is fac­ing back­lash over the open­ing of a George Floyd exhib­it, whose death in police cus­tody ear­li­er this year sparked months of riot­ing and protests across the Unit­ed States.

“A new exhib­it at the Holo­caust Memo­r­i­al Resource & Edu­ca­tion Cen­ter in Mait­land fea­tures pow­er­ful and inspir­ing pho­tos tak­en in the wake of George Floyd’s death,” Orlan­do 6 reported.

The man who pho­tographed the sub­jects in the exhib­it, John Nolter, vis­it­ed the loca­tion where Floyd’s death took place, tak­ing pho­tos of peo­ple react­ing to Floyd’s death.

Lisa Bach­man of The Holo­caust Memo­r­i­al Resource & Edu­ca­tion Cen­ter of Flori­da said in a state­ment: “You don’t just see this exhib­it. You feel it. The expres­sions and thoughts of each per­son pho­tographed tells a sto­ry that has a very uni­ver­sal mes­sage. It is one that can heal and bring us togeth­er. It shows us we are not alone in our thinking.”


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