Hispanic & Democratic voters backed Trump immigration

Pres­i­dent Trump’s poli­cies lim­it­ing immi­gra­tion, decried by lib­er­als and the Biden-Har­ris tick­et, won broad bipar­ti­san and His­pan­ic sup­port in the elec­tion and even turned sev­er­al bor­der towns red for the first time in years.

Accord­ing to two reviews, majori­ties of His­pan­ics and Democ­rats sup­port­ed the administration’s curbs on immi­gra­tion to stop the coro­n­avirus, pro­tect jobs, and main­tain the cur­rent pop­u­la­tion mix.

And in sev­er­al heav­i­ly immi­grant bor­der coun­ties, vot­ers reject­ed the demo­niza­tion of Trump’s poli­cies and agents of U.S. Cus­toms and Bor­der Pro­tec­tion and U.S. Immi­gra­tion and Cus­toms Enforcement.

In a vot­er exit sur­vey for the Fed­er­a­tion for Amer­i­can Immi­gra­tion Reform, 78% said immi­gra­tion was an “impor­tant” issue for them and was key to who they vot­ed for. Sup­port for Trump’s bor­der clos­ings to block fur­ther COVID-19 expo­sure won 80% support.


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